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Q: What should my child wear for their first lesson?
A: We recommend leggings or jeans for pants and a covered heeled shoe such as a boot


Q: Do you provide helmets or should I purchase one?
A: We provide helmets for the first few lessons. If your child shows interest then you should plan on purchasing one of their own


Q: Where should I purchase riding apparel for my child?
A: Riding breeches, boots, helmet, and half chaps can be purchased at several area tack stores. Saddlery Liquidators, Middleburg Tack Exchange, The Tack Box, and Clifton Saddlery. Tell them Thousand Hills Riding Stable sent you and you may get a surprise.


Q: What will my child learn in the first lesson?
A: We teach children all aspects of horsemanship. In the first lesson they will learn to safely work around horse, how to groom a horse, how to saddle a horse, how to mount/dismount and how to walk on and whoa while riding a horse.


Q: Who will be teaching my child her first lesson?
A: Yvonne is our primary instructor and teaches all our lessons. Occasionally, she will have one of the advanced teenage riders help with the lesson.


Q: When is your first available lesson?
A: Please call us at 540-364-1124 for availability. We do not do same day appointments. We book lessons 1-2 weeks in advance.


Q: What do we do in case of bad weather?
A: In case of inclement weather, please check our news page on the Website or our Facebook page. Our instructor will call you at least two hours prior to your lesson to discuss options.


Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: We require at least a 2hr cancellation notice. If no notice is given a $30 no show fee is charged to your account.


Q: Do you still ride in the Winter?
A: Yes, the cold does not bother the horses or us. In the case of inclement weather (snow, ice, or thunderstorms), please check our Facebook or Web page for updates.


Q: Do you offer trail rides?
A: No, we are strictly a lesson stable.

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