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Our riding lesson program centers on teaching children all aspects of horsemanship. We teach our students the fundamentals:

  • How to safely work around horses

  • How to work with ponies on the ground

  • How to work with ponies in the saddle

  • How to lead a pony

  • How to groom


Children as young as two years old can join our riding program. We encourage parents to be involved and will teach you the basics right along with your child. Each child's memory and attention span is different. Below you will find our recommended time frames. We have found that children 2-7 years old need a minimum of two lessons per week and children 8 years old and above need one lesson a week, to retain what they have learned.


$40 for 30-minute private lesson (suggested for ages 2-5)
$55 for 45-minute private lesson (suggested for ages 4-8)
$70 for 1-hour private lesson (suggested for ages 9 and older)
$30 for Peewee pony rider (reserved only for those children that are not ready for an actual lesson)
$30 for 30-minute semi-private lesson
$60 for 1-hour semi-private lesson


You can choose to be billed monthly or pay as you go weekly. Full payment is due at the time of each lesson or on the first of the month.


As students advance in skills, we encourage the family to join us for a day of competition at local horse shows, where students will be able to show off all they have been learning.


Children as young as two learn all aspects of horsemanship.


Competing in local horse shows


Cultivating a love for horses

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